‘As a market research aggregator, we have dealt with a variety of research providers worldwide. Among those, Kelly Scientific Publications is one of the first research companies we turn to when our clients look for market information in advanced therapeutic areas. I witnessed numerous times that Kelly Scientific Publications won loyalty from my clients with its integrity of data and well-founded insights backed by deep knowledge of the industry. Recommending Kelly Scientific Publications is my favorite way to earn trust from my customers.’
Shinya Okimoto | Global Information Inc


“Our ability to join hands with exceptional research publishers such as Kelly Scientific Publications allows us to not only broaden the scope of research available in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare market, it also allows business professionals throughout the world easier access to reports of great value that they may have previously been unaware of.”

Kelly M. Carlson, | Senior Vice President, Global Operations at MarketResearch.com


“Kelly Scientific Publications is an Ireland-based global market research publishing firm dedicated to providing strong scientific and business insights, as well as business research reports. We are happy to have Kelly Scientific Publications join our team and offer clients an exclusive opportunity to benefit from their high content and quality reports containing critical information about the ways of gaining a competitive advantage.”

Tanya Rezler | The Market Publishers Ltd


“Research and Markets has been partnered with Kelly Scientific now for a number of years. Working with Kelly Scientific, allows us to offer high quality, in-depth market reports to our clients in the field of the pharmaceutical and healthcare markets. The team at Kelly Scientific are always professional to deal with and communication is always prompt. This has enabled Research and Markets to continue to provide a high-quality service, enabling our clients to make intelligent business decisions.”

Sharon Bergin | Research and Markets