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We are excited to present at FACE London this year, held at the QEII Centre, Westminster London from 15th-18th June. Dr Kelly will open the Business Agenda on Friday morning at 9:30am with a talk entitled

Vertical growth on a global scale: how cosmeceuticals and disruptive tech are driving the market

She will present new market research from our study on the cosmetic and aesthetic industry, which will be published later in July 2017. In brief, the global cosmeceutical market is forecast to grow at a vertical CAGR of over 8% between 2016-2021. Consumer demand and aspiration for perfection is a major driving force as is increasing sophisticated technologies. With a higher disposable income, consumer demand in the US, Europe, Japan and also China is poised to expand this already vertical market.

Technological advancements are a key driver especially in genetics and personalized healthcare. DNA based skincare assessments and customized cosmetic treatments are opening up the world of genetics and epigenetics to the sophisticated aspirational consumer. Following the complete sequencing of the human genome in 2003, the role of personal genomics in skincare is today coming into its own and is combining cutting-edge technologies to push the cosmeceutical market further.

To that end, the presentation aims to:

Delineate the cosmeceutical and anti-aging market by revenue, submarket (e.g., fillers, toxins) and geography and identify unmet needs and key areas of growth within the next five years.

Ask what breakthrough disruptive technologies are influencing the industry and what cutting edge technologies are driving the market:

  • Genetic profiling tests (NGS, SNP analysis (iDDNA))
  • Epigenetic modifiers and profiling
  • Embryonic, Pluripotent and Adult Stem-cells
  • Nano-biotechnologies
  • Cellular Therapies
  • Active ingredients
  • Growth factors, Cytokines , Recombinant proteins, Sirtuins
  • Delivery systems (Liposomes)
  • RNAi

Introduce how personalized healthcare can influence the skin aging market and in doing so examine the role of both genetic mutations and epigenetics in skin aging and skin care technology

Identify key players in the market, their scientific and business strategies and SWOT analysis

In summary, the anti-aging cosmeceutical industry is becoming more sophisticated due to the advances of proteomics, genomics, regenerative medicine and a highly educated and empowered consumer base. This will continue to drive the market as pharma and cosmetic companies battle regulatory confinements.


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Deirdre Kelly, PhD

Managing Director and Founder of

Dr Kelly is managing director and founder of, a trusted global provider of cutting edge market analysis within key high growth niche areas of pharma biotech and healthcare. Deirdre holds a PhD (Medicine) from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, a MSc Biotechnology from the National University of Ireland, Galway, and a B.A.(Mod) Biochemistry from Trinity College, Dublin. Her career spans both industry and academia where she has worked with both start-up biotech and multinational pharmaceutical companies. KellySciPub has an extensive interest in the global cosmetic surgery, service and cosmeceutical market and provides Fortune 500 clients with key information to drive business development and strategic planning. Deirdre has particular interest in vertical growth sub-markets such as personalized skincare, nanotechnology and delivery systems and aims to identify future disruptive technologies to the current market place.


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