Our Clients

We support clients all over the globe from early stage biotech to multinational Fortune 500 pharmaco’s, Government departments and business libraries. Our reports are well respected as high content and high quality manuscripts that provide crucial information to gain a competitive edge. The following professionals invest in our reports: VP, CEO, CFO, CMO, MD, commercial director, global compensation manager and leaders of strategic planning and business development.


Business Development

We support BD teams in the search for new business opportunities and identify areas of growth. Our reports give you a superior insight in order to develop and implement your growth strategy. Each report contains a SWOT analysis and outlines areas of concern and emerging opportunities. Our reports give you a competitive edge during business plan development, due-diligence preparation, market segmentation and product diversification.

Marketing & Sales

Equip your marketing and sales departments with key information that will propel it above competitors. Brand, product and sales managers will benefit from the most up-to-date market information and projections, competitor details, background knowledge on the area of interest and pipeline portfolios.


At Kelly Scientific Publications, all reports contain comprehensive technical information on the therapeutic area of interest, supporting R&D department’s needs. Our reports provide clients with detailed epidemiological data, clinical trial data, pipeline portfolios and pertinent information on competitors.


Each report provides our clients with market and company sales forecasts and historic data. We pride ourselves in providing meticulous company analysis chapters that not only detail financial information but also provide economic trends, projections and business strategies.